Words by Mariyah Zaman

Feb. 26, 2021

The garment of colour that awakens our soul,

The chiffon of sheer integrity,

The shadows of simplicity,

The mark of binding each other’s soul.

Your feminism isn’t my feminism.

Do not associate me with your ideal.

The ideal to tear me away,

From the garment of colour that awakens our soul.

Aware of stitching the ends together

For intersectionality is but a Twitter bio

Or a slogan tee

It is my garment of colour that awakens our soul.

Hijab Shoot Edited-5.jpg

Sisters please, wave your flag of faith,

Layer and bind us together,

Let down your garments of colour for it is our soul.

We are not separate; we are from the hood,

The hood that strips us of wealth but feeds us with guns, taxing our


Our guns mean not to alarm, our knives don’t mean to self-harm.

Our hood isn’t your hood that you claim to be sisterhood.

Hijab Shoot Edited-3.jpg
Hijab Shoot Edited-2.jpg

Our hood is toxic,

Our hood is ignored,

Our hood is only attended to, to strip the only colours

That are the garments of colour that awaken our soul.

“Free the nipple, free your mind, a woman’s choice is her choice”

But only when we say it is.

So when we create our own space,

When we call out what’s white and not quite come for us.


Chiffon of sheer integrity we will carry.

Shadows of simplicity are our majority.

This is our hood.

Our sisterhood.

Photography Sally Nguyen

Videography  Tom Hughes

Stylist Asma Elmi 

Words by Mariyah Zaman